7 Clear Signs Talent Chiwenga Is The New TB Joshua | ANALYSIS
28 June 2021
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By Howard Nyoni | There are numerous signs showing that the populistic Zimbabwean preacher, Talent Chiwenga is the new TB Joshua, an emotionist prying on vulnerable citizens.

Talent Chiwenga

1. Chiwenga like TB Joshua gets popular from Coffin prophecies, when they are just marketing material, totally baseless.

TB Joshua made money from prophesying the coffin of the former President Bingu Mutharika in 2012.

2. Chiwenga gets popular by giving political hope to Africans. Around this time 9 years ago, TB Joshua made Zimbabweans and Africans in general think his word controls the politics of Zimbabwe, when he announced the death of an African President within 60 days. It turned out he merely possessed insider medical knowledge of the president’s condition. One of his former aides who has 13 years of consistent Whistleblowing, Bisola Johnson, alleges that TB Joshua used to kill politicians who get near him. 

Just after deceiving victims of the 2018 violence, subtly campaigning for Mnangagwa, Talent Chiwenga rushed to announce that two coffins will be flown into Zimbabwe and that election riggers will clash against each other in public. “Pane vamwe vanhu vachabvisa mabhache pachena,” he said. None of this ever happened. 

3. TB Joshua got popular by claiming the govt is after him, when he is the one who’s killing people. After being found criminally liable for constructing a building without planning permission, TB Joshua soon rushed to claim it’s the Nigerian army which bombed his decrepit building that killed 116 people in 2014. He became popular as a result.

On the other hand, Talent Chiwenga has marketed himself as a victim of the govt by lying that the state is the one that killed his wife, two other victims, plus 3 others in a separate accident, when in all these incidents, he is the one who was the driver, and he even confesses he was overspeeding at twice the speed limit in Masvingo road for no reason other than to go buy a fanbelt(13 June 2019), and in Norton (13 July 2020), he deliberately decided to go for a head on just to expose the identity of the driver in the oncoming vehicle, who was MDC Alliance Mayor Jacob Mafume’s uncle.

3. Both Prophesy politics and always want to comment on world events they are not aware of so they attempt predictive constructs. TB Joshua has over the years made many fake promises and forth telling falsehoods that include his claim that Coronavirus will disappear by March 2020, while Chiwenga has claimed that Nelson Chamisa will be State President in 2018, and that Emmerson Mnangagwa didn’t deploy 1 Aug soldiers, something the nation witnessed on state television, ZBC… and so forth.

Talent Chiwenga also prophesies saying Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa left Zimbabwe because he is proud, when the whole of Zimbabwe knows he flew out of Zim 20 years ago because of political persecution.

4. Both are one man bands who report to none but themselves and say they control the politics of the nation. Talent Chiwenga says his “gospel controls the politics of this country,” when it’s all just self projection for marketing.

5. Both are women abusers and appear to get their psychotic powers from abusing women. TB Joshua has piles of reports and one of his secondary level victims is a Zimbabwean woman, Angela Charakupa who’s molestation he tried to cover up in May 2016. Talent Chiwenga secretly married his wife’s cousin sister 3 years before the mother of his kids’ death, and he has kids dotted across Zimbabwe, and mainly the Goromonzi area where people know him by his real namez Tazvitya Mhembere.
6. Both preachers use marketing titles for their church business. The Muslim preacher, Joshua uses the Alias TB Joshua, while Chiwenga’s real name is Tazvitya Mhembere, and yet he calls himself, Talent.

7. Both preachers project that they have monopoly over God’s messages, and His Presence. This is their main powerful encapsulating deception, a tool used by every cult leader for centuries running. – ZimEye