Police Officers Nabbed For Robbing Gold Miners
10 August 2021

By A Correspondent- Two Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers were part of a gang of four cops who allegedly participated in a foiled gold heist.

They shot and seriously injured a miner in Gwanda have been arrested.

The police officers shot Vumani Moyo once on the hip before fleeing and leaving the rifle behind.

A leaked police memo, report number 4742704 at Gwanda rural police, identified the cops as constables Mangena (25), Edmore Mausa (31), Sibanda and Admire Bangure.

However, Mausa and Sibanda are still at large.
The four who were not on duty attempted to rob miners processing gold ore at Cobra West Mine after an unsanctioned raid on August 6.

Bangure, armed with an AK 47, allegedly opened fire injuring Vumani Moyo, a miner.

The miners hit the intruding cops with stones until they sped off in a private car.