New Coronavirus Variant Detected In SA
31 August 2021
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A new coronavirus variant has been detected in South Africa and authorities from across the Limpopo River say the strain is already circulating in most of the country’s provinces.

Professor Barry Schoub says the C.1.2 is still being investigated, and whether it could be more dangerous than other variants of concern, remains to be seen. He said:

It’s a potential variant of interest. It is being investigated very intensively.

The C.1.2 was first detected in May, it may have been in circulation before, but it was first detected in May in South Africa.

In most of our provinces, in six of the nine provinces, it has been found. [It has been found] in a number of other countries as well, Europe, Asia and also other African countries, like the DRC for example.

So, it’s fairly widespread. It’s not confined to South Africa but was first detected in South Africa… at this stage, it’s still being investigated.

Is it going to be more severe? Is it going to escape our vaccine? Is it going to be more contagious?

These are unknown and they’re being investigated at the moment.- eNCA