Love Muti Will Cause After Effects, Pastors Warn Congregants
10 September 2021
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Isaac Makomichi

Morgan Zvemangororo
The city of Masvingo has become a place to go for those who are looking for business charms and the so called oil for “riches.”

This comes after Masvingo controversial preacher Isaac Makomichi introduced what he calls the anointed herb.

He claims the herb makes anyone rich…

Various church leaders have described Makomichi as a sangoma.

“We have heard a lot about this oil, of course it works but this thing might cause disaster in future. He is helping people with extra ordinary charms but that doesn’t make him a true man of God. He must introduce himself as a sangoma,”claimed one senior church leader.

Makomichi’s followers claim he is mending their marriages and boosting their businesses.

They also say a man from the devil’s kingdom cannot help someone to have a peaceful life.

People questioned his authenticity after he wrote to the government officials seeking permission to move Marimba mountain. Weeks later he reportedly filled empty wells with water .

There are reports that people flock to Makomichi’s house to collect the oil…

“Moses used a herb heal sour waters, can you say Moses was a sangoma? A herb that works is better than the water that doesn’t produce good results. I’m open to every pastor, if you see a demon in me then come and cast it out or call me on +263777469342.

I always tell them to come or to invite me for prayers. They are powerless…

Exodus 15:25 Then Moses cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a piece of wood.He threw it into the water, and the water became fit to drink,”
Makomichi argued.