Zanu Pf Throws Charamba Under The Bus Over Zambia’s UPND
12 September 2021
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Zanu-PF has released a statement on its relationship with Zambia’s ruling party UPND. In the statement Zanu-PF, through its secretary of administration Obert Mpofu said it respect Zambia’s sovereignty.

Said the statement:

“From the outset, His Excellency, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, gave outright support to an absolute constitutional execution of the recent Zambian election. To this end, the First Secretary and President of ZANU PF, Cde ED Mnangagwa, was an instrumental arbiter in influencing the then incumbent Cde Edgar Lungu to concede to the winds of change.

Guided by our President’s symbolic gestures in endorsing the will of the people in Zambia, it would be remiss for anyone to think that ZANU PF has an unexpressed sense of resentment about the outcome of Zambia’s recent plebiscite.

It must be underscored that ZANU PF is a pro-democracy adherent party.

Also worth underscoring is our total respect for the sovereignty of other fellow African nations.

Our consistency in this respect has a clear historical track record anchored on the diplomatic relations, which Zimbabwe has enjoyed between the interval political epochs of Father Kenneth Kaunda and Edgar Lungu’s reign.

We have been consistent in meeting all our diplomatic obligations with the Republic of Zambia with no bias exertions on any of Zambia’s Heads of State over the years.

Our seasoned political experience would never permit us to be drawn to the narrow preferential sentimentalism on whoever is the President of Zambia or not.”

There have been suggestions that the election of Haikande Hichilema in Zambia had unsettled Zanu-PF. 

Recently UPND spokesperson Joseph Kalimbwe said that his party was being attacked by ZANU PF on social media which he said was “scandalous”.

In May this year, before Hichileman’s election as president, Zim’s presidential spokesman George Charamba referred to him as a sellout. Charamba repeated this following Hichilema’s victory in August. MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa and Haikande HIchilema are reportedly close associates.