Tatelicious Humiliated After Making 2nd Male Organ Removal In “A Film Studio” Hospital
17 September 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | The controversial sociallite, Tatelicious Karigamombe was yesterday humiliated after announcing a 2nd sex change in 6 years, when it emerged she was just inside nothing close to a hospital, just a film studio.

The development was swiftly exposed by alert subscribers who commented that she was being fraudulent. Last time, she obtained an USD80,000 fund, according to the Sunday Mail newspaper. This time her claim of getting a sex change attracted attention from thousands around the world who swiftly presented evidence from where exactly she filmed herself, and below were some of the pictures. She was still to comment at the time of writing. DO YOU THINK TATELICIOUS EVER GOT A SEX CHANGE OR SHE WAS JUST FRAUDULENT EVEN AT THE FIRST?