EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Anti Tsvangirai Chief Dethroned, But It’s Auxillia Mnangagwa Who’s Imposed An Armed Robber As Replacement
20 September 2021
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By A Correspondent | First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa drove her military armed motorcade to Chiweshe to seize the Negomo chieftainship for her brother, a convicted armed robber, Paradzai Kutyauripo, who already has a senior job in govt where he serves as the Director Of State Residences.

This is despite the fact that her family has no right to the chieftainship, and she took advantage because Chief Negomo (Lucious Chitsinde) has been in an acting capacity.

Auxillia is a never-to-be chief, blood descendant of a non deserving ancestor under the ancient Gorejena. Auxilliah is the great granddaughter of the ancient Chinanzvavana, who is the young brother to the ancient Mupfunya. But even if Mupfunya was due for chieftainship, he has already had his term, and he alone can get it, ZimEye hears. 

The family tree

Muroro and Zhengeni are brothers, and they alternate the chieftainship. (there is a traditional agreement that the chieftainship stays for more times under Muroro).

The children of Mr Muroro are as follows: Gorejena( the first born of Muroro).

Gorejena had 8 wives, with 8 first borns from each mother, and the chieftainship operates under the following rules-

1st rule: when you have wives, the first son is the one who becomes chief.

2nd rule: If a wife is the type that was inherited traditionally, the kids have no right to chieftainship.

3rd rule: If the ancestor was convicted of witchcraft or murder, none of descendants will inherit.

4th rule: If a distant ancestor possesses anyone in the family, that family can’t get chieftainship.

Out of Gorejena’s sons, only 4 can be chief. Of those 4, one of them is Mupfunya (chieftainship held in 1903) who has already had his term.

Gorejena’s sons are as follows – Mupfunya (has 6 other brothers). The First Lady is a great granddaughter of Chinanzvavana, who is the young brother to Mupfunya. But even if Mupfunya was due for chieftainship, he has already had his term, and he alone can get it.

It was then agreed that Bonde (Gorejena’s 8th Firstborn) takes over.

After this agreement, the family went to a representative of the Chiefs’ council, Chief Nembiri who reported saying he had done his part back in 2018. But after this, documents began disappearing, the family tells ZimEye.

In the course of all this, the First Lady rushed to indicate she is interested in the chieftainship. She then said she wants her brother, Paradzai Kutyauripo, who is Director Of State House to take over. Video footage at the homestead shows the current chief Negomo’s wife screaming out saying Auxillia’s police entourage even want to seize her clothes. 

Kutyauripo is a convicted armed robber of 4 years in Chikurubi Maximum Prison who was given early release through a presidential amnesty when Auxillia’s husband, Mnangagwa was Justice Minister, ZimEye reveals in a separate investigation report 2 years ago.


What was too apparent in all the developments is that the First Lady is out of depth on what is happening, a source told ZimEye.

On the Thursday, she drove her entire motorcade and soldiers to the homestead to frogmarch family heads to a meeting and began making demands.

Auxillia Mnangagwa, who is a very forceful character, and is known for assaulting even state agents in public, went on to demand saying, ‘if you all don’t want this to happen, I will take the pin myself and wear it.’

During the commotion, Emmerson Mnangagwa following a tip off rammed his phone on her and started asking her where she was, since she had told him she is traveling to their family farm. She in response confessed saying she had travelled to Chiweshe “to sort a difficult matter to do with the chieftainship.”

Mrs Mnangagwa had not responded to questions at the time of writing.

ZimEye is following up on the story.