Olinda, Carol Under Spotlight As Paypal Refunds Defrauded Customer
22 September 2021
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Carole Nyakudya

By A Correspondent | Anti fraud investigators probing the controversial UK licensed immigration-sponsor and CEO of Lorac, have found the company truly defrauded people, as earlier reported by ZimEye, in a development that has seen the first of refunds being processed.

Evidence of the refund

Lorac is a company that for 4 months has been collecting thousands of dollars from struggling Zimbabwean job seekers promising them work in Britain.

In July, Caroline Nyakudya avoided a media question on the recruitment cap she has on her sponsorship facilitation from the British government.

Two days later, Nyakudya went to the extent of claiming friendship with a journalist while avoiding an interview over the matter. On Saturday, she promised she would answer the question during her Monday webcast.

A few days later, there was a shift when she blatantly refused to answer to any other question other than those she has handpicked. She announced that she is only engaging those who have paid her USD100 fee. it is believed that she has so to date gained tens of thousands of US dollars from desperate job seekers.

She failed to explain discrepancies on company documentation she has been advertising, and also failed to disclose her limitations.

Back then, Nyakudya while on a broadcast, said:

I will pick out some questions shortly…so the rest of the team, if you can look out for any questions that might be there, from candidates, okay, so from existing candidates who are going through the process…those candidates who are going through the process, who have decided Lorac International is the model that they are going with. Those to us are our priority and those to us are the people that we really need to ensure understand the system, and understand how it runs. And understand how to contact and to communicate. So we want to make sure that when you are trying to contact us you are contacting us, A: on the correct numbers…You’re also contacting us, in terms of the correct pathways. So we are not really, we will not be responding to information that is not passed through our correct channels. That is not information that we are paying out any attention to at all; we will be responding to any information that is directed to us with regards to our official channels. And that is where we stand.

Yesterday the first ever customer to obtain a refund following the investigation by this news network came up to narrate her story.

She wrote saying:

Hello Hanzvadzi
Just to help someone out there ! I had paid $100 for someone , after having realised that it was money making program ,

“I filed a dispute with PayPal! Lorac health never responded but the PayPal dispute wing took it over !

“I received the refund in full ! See below ! I advise those who went through the same predicament to demand their refund through PayPal! ! ”

We publish below some of the concerns and questions posted by customers on the Lorac International’s facebook page after Carol did a live on July 19 on the International recruitment process.

The concerns and questions have not been addressed to date.

Lucia Madzorers : Thank you Carol patiently waiting for the consultant s response

Bethany Geets  Lucia Madzorers if you don’t mind me asking, has a consultant bn already assigned to you?What exactly is happening

Chio Gore  · 13:09Hello Carol I am very patient asi iii it’s been a month now I paid you guys with no contact

Sisa TshabalalaDo you realize you have always been repeating the same message over the past 3 videos nhayi CEO?I understand vanhu munemashandiro enyu, but how can everyone be on the same stage yet we applied at different times? Is there one consultant that one has … 

Milz Kafamauro  · 12:45Maybe Simba was right you apply you are told stories

Sharon Moyo  · 22:50What if you have IELTS Academic , do you still need to do General ?

Zai Regondo  · 28:23Ko makazotiiko nemaths veduwe, ndokumbirawo mudzibvise

Aretha Tinashey Chapfiwa  · 34:06Mercy Karonga huya unzwe

Noma Zulu  · 15:20So can pay the application fee and become unsuccessful. Why not go through the screening process and then let the successful candidates pay10

Brian Masube  · 1:15I got a Consultant but he hasn’t sent me the secret code

Fatima Nyahunguwo  · 2:47Hello Carol

Chio Gore  · 14:03All ihave is ww are still going to give u a consultant

Grace Ona  · 37:52From your office in harare. They mentioned that the recuitment process is 18months pliz clarify on that what it means. Coz the first group of 10 people are going early august or last july 2021. So does that mean the next group will be taken after 18 months

Nolusindiso Lisa MacandaWhat is stage 1??

Martin Manatsa  · 0:45No reply yet from any consultant

On its homepage Lorac International claims that the organisation are Leaders in Health
& Social Care UK Job Market.

The organisation says they are a Specialist recruitment organisation for UK Home Office approved providers.

“We excel in providing specially trained quality staffing for the UK market. We pride ourselves in being an ethical and equal opportunities employer.”

In the UK, its physical address is 2 Parsons Street, Dudley, England, while in Zimbabwe, it is located at Number 24 Harvey Brown avenue in Milton Park Harare.

Efforts to get a comment from Nyakudya was work in progress by the time of writing.