Zanu Pf Road Construction Lies Exposed
22 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Ministry has started the construction of Destiny  road to Hob House tarred road.

The construction of Hob House road was initiated by the recalled ward 17 Councillor John Nyamhoka and the late town Clerk Joshua Maligwa had signed for it in 2020.

The road was supposed to be constructed using 2019 budget, unfortunately, ZINARA failed to release funds to Council in time. This led to the construction of Dream House to Hob House tarred road very late. 

However, the Ministry of Roads is now fulfilling what was agreed on using money from  ZINARA.

Speaking to John Nyamhoka, he said he is happy that what he pushed during his time has been finally fulfilled.

“I am happy because we are going to have a tarred road in Hob House soon. This is what i and other residents of Hob House pushed about three years back. It was my wish to have a better roads in my ward. Most of the buses were avoiding Hob House because of poor roads”, said Nyamhoka.

Meanwhile, Zanu pf is on the ground, trying to take the credit, lying that it is its project.

Speaking to a resident who asked for anonymity said Zanu pf aspiring candidates are trying to lie to us that Zanu pf is constructing the road.

He said, “Zanu  pf is now on the ground using this as a campaign tool. All zanu pf aspiring candidates are now seeing on the ground, the likes of Mutengo and Esau Mupfumi.

“They think that we are sleeping and do not know what is taking place. When budgets meeting were done we attended. We all knew that soon or later there is going to be a tarred road from Destiny to Hob House. 

“Infact the road was supposed to be from Jeff road to Hobhouse via Dream House. 

“So these Zanu pf people think that we are not aware that it is the Ministry of Roads which is constructing roads with the money from ZINARA. The money that was supposed to be given to Mutare City Council so that it would do the same job”, he said.