Surrender Your Goblins Before It’s Too Late, Zim Prophet Orders Ramaphosa Ministers
1 October 2021
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Own Correspondent

The President of South Africa, Cyrial Ramaphosa is reportedly under pressure following claims by Zimbabwean preacher Isaac Makomichi that there are witches in his cabinet.

The preacher further claims the “witches” are stealing public funds to buy houses for their sangomas so that they will occupy high positions forever.

Makomichi is known of performing controversial miracles including moving mountains, filling empty wells with clean water and making people rich.

Some Christians describe Makomichi as a magician who uses secret powers to perform miracles.

Makomichi also claimed the ministers must come to him to surrender their goblins before it’s too late.

“With all the respect I would love to see President Ramaphosa to pray for him, he is a good leader but the problem is that there are few witches in his cabinet.

Those ministers are stealing public funds to buy houses for their sangomas, one of his ministers is in trouble with his goblin and the other one – her goblin feeds drinks blood of senior officials.

Those ministers must surrender their goblins.
They must feel free to contact me on my WhatsApp +263777469342. I will kill their goblins and then give them holy oil for protection. These ministers joined cults and they are destroying the people of South Africa,” claimed Makomichi…

Isaac Makomichi