Zimdancehall Chanter Dies
9 October 2021
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National Arts Merits Awards (NAMA) winning theatre and arts star, Jiggaz, born George Tanjani has died.

Tanjani is reported to have succumbed to mild stomach pains Friday.


The late multi-talented 39-year-old, is known for his popular mesmerizing dancehall chanting skills from the early 2000s, which gave birth to his popular name Jiggaz in the dancehall coterie and his hit, “Coin”.

The Coin hitmaker, opened a music stable; ‘The Antidote’ which saw the emergence of some artists like Smartex and the famous Spiderman who got into the Dancehall industry at a tender age.

Jiggaz is known for being Spiderman’s mentor and touched the hearts of many artists specifically those in the Zimdancehall genre including Seh Calaz.

The late artist, a few years back, won a NAMA award for his acting role in “Decorder”, a local drama which was published seven years ago.