Madhuku Speaks On President Chamisa Assassination Attempt
21 October 2021

By A Correspondent- Professor Lovemore Madhuku’s National Assembly party has condemned the Tuesday attacks on the MDC-Alliance Leader, Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa was attacked by suspected Zanu PF supporters near Mutare on his way to Chipinge Tuesday afternoon.

The opposition leader claimed his attackers fired live bullets and damaged his car.

Commenting on the attack, NCA spokesperson Madock Chibasa said the police should investigate and arrest the perpetrators.

On his Facebook page Wednesday, said Chivasa: I have been following shocking comments about the violence and attempt on MDC leader Advocate Chamisa’s life. As a responsible society we should condemn the barbaric acts and the concerns must not be about whether or not the holes are bullet holes or not. Instead ZRP must investigate and arrest the perpetrators of this violence. Who is attacking the opposition leader and what are the reasons behind the barbaric attacks. In 2017 during a Bikita by election where I was contesting representing my party NCA I was attacked and assaulted by guns and left for dead by Zanu pf thugs. The cowardly attacks were led by Katsiru who was Zanu pf Mp for Marondera and I positively identified him and reported to the police that he was the one leading the thugs who attacked me and no arrests were made up to now. When I survived I was disheartened to follow Facebook comments that suggested that I was faking the attack because Zanu pf could not attack me since NCA was not a threat in that election. But to cut the story short if anyone is attacked the police must investigate and arrest the perpetrators to spend time discussing the nature of the attack shows the level that we have sinked low as a society and this is not the Zimbabwe we all want.