Zivhu Hunts For Lawyers To Fight Zanu PF Over Parly Recall
30 October 2021

By A Correspondent| Controversial politician, Killer Zivhu appears to have shifted gears and is now determined to fight against his recall from parliament by the ruling ZANU PF, saying he wants to prove to the people who voted him that he did nothing wrong.

Zivhu was expelled from Zanu PF before the party moved to recall him from parliament.

He initially accepted his fate and told his social media followers that he would not contest the seat on an independent ticket while also intimating that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had told him to finish his projects in Chivi south constituency.

Now the motormouth politician and businessman has put out an open call for a lawyer to assist him fight against his recall which he says was illegal.

“Looking for lawyers to assist my lawyers, I was illegally recalled from Parliament without evidence or hearing, Zanu-pf constitution was not followed. Just want to prove to the people vakandivhotera kuti hapana chandakatadza. Any lawyer who wants to help hazvineyi kuti which Party,” said Zivhu.