FULL THREAD: Mliswa Responds To Marriage Wrecking Claims
5 November 2021

I would like to set the record straight here on the malicious& half-baked yellow story by @HeraldZimbabwe . Janet Tamangani& I have known each other since our parents were friends. They were both in Zambia. We lived in Waterfalls together& both of us went to Lord Malvern.

At some point I even assisted her to go to the UK. I have always been a person with whom she talks candidly.
We have also done business together because she is a sharp business person. We have been that close. I’m an uncle to their kids and we know each other very well.

I have known about problems in their marriage for years and it’s a travesty of truth to allege that I caused the problems. The husband has always been a no-gooder, whose life revolves around sitting around, going to the gym and nothing else.

He used to draw money clandestinely from their accounts. He has always abused her, beat her up and I have previously told Janet to take the kids to boarding school so as to avoid the toxic atmosphere at home.

I advised about them about Rydings school where my own kids go to so that I could also assist when they couldn’t. When she was beaten this time I advised her to go and report to the police. That is the reason her husband is angry at me. He is a wife beater, lazy and useless.

That she came to my place with her kids after being baten is nothing unusual because I’m like her big brother. I told the husband that if he followed her to my place I would deal with him as a man. As can been seen in the video he is violent.

That video of him grabbing her was after beating her. He went on to beat the kids for taking the videos also. He has a problem. She actually has a protection order against him because of his violent behaviour. https://t.co/kvozuHKJBh

For ten years their bedroom has been closed because he has an erection problem. The reason is that he went out with many girlfriends until one of them concocted some juju on him. Now he has an erection problem. Is that my problem? https://t.co/W7J24NVI6p

Even if she were to get involved with someone else can she be blamed? He is all about suits, keeping a long beard and nothing in the bedroom. Ndiyani mkadzi anogarira sadza? Even if she were to go out with someone can she be blamed?

For him to soil me like this he will have to provide evidence or I will sue him. He has failed himself. I have actually worked hard supporting him to keep the marriage but divorce began in 2018. The marriage has been done for years.

At one point I sat with them& tried to make things work but it failed. He sees me as the one who failed their marriage only because I have supported his wife. Ndakatomuchengetera mkadzi from makoronyera thinking he would thank me but he has failed now ndotosiyawo atorwe nevamwe.

I have always been clear about whom I date. I don’t date people’s wives. They have long had problems& it’s his lack of introspection& maturity that he would blame an outsider for this. I’m self-respecting enough to know my friends from those I date. Janet is a friend. https://t.co/fFaIEegrnO

It’s unfortunate that rags such as The @Herald, in their misguided, political and polarised efforts to tarnish me, jumped onto a tabloid headline and missed the actual issue.

The state publication has an agenda against me because I have constantly unsettled their beloved most of whom have brought this country to its knees. That is why their articles about me are always lacking in terms of standards and professionalism. @HeraldZimbabwe

Their articles are mere hatchet jobs lacking the spine of journalistic etiquette& heavy on unverified negative insinuations against those they are made to believe are opponents. The prime objective of their articles is to taint me.

A whole article foundationed on an uninterrogated one-liner!! However I cannot be tainted by a publication that has lost its spine and is now a mere PR yellow paper heavy on puerile confetti and lacks the rigorous substance any self-respecting paper ought to have.

They never sought for my side in the story& it lacks balance. It’s the hurried& excitable creation of a limited paper that is down in the gutter. @ZimMorning_Post did the same in the Susan case but as with all hatchet jobs, you can’t put a good man down on such inanities.

It’s a dire indictment of how the media standards at the @HeraldZimbabwe have fallen that such a paper, expected to be the standard-bearer in the industry, carries such trash as stories.