One Of Mnangagwa’s Boys Impregnates Wife’s Sister
17 November 2021

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s boys and Affirmative Action Group President, Mike Chimombe has reportedly impregnated his wife’s sister, Panashe Rusero.

Details of his adulterous shenanigans came to light after Panashe hosted a baby shower.

Cozy pictures of Chimombe and Panashe at the baby shower then started circulating on social media.

Sources close to the family, who chose anonymity confirmed the affair.

“Mike started living with Mitchell (his wife) when Panashe was still in Form 2-3, that is in 2009-2010, so when she was now in Lower 6 Panashe would go stay at her elder sister’s house,” the source said.

“So when she was now staying with them, Mike would go to clubs at night with Panashe and that time we started noticing that something was happening between the two of them.

“Mike would take her to Pablos and Motor Action at that time so we found it every odd.

“There is this one particular incident whereby Mike came back from the club with Panashe at around 5am and Mike’s in-laws convened a family meeting in regards to the issue that he was dating his wife’s sister but both Panashe and Chimombe denied the allegations.”

-State Media