COVID-19 Hits Bulawayo Hospital
11 December 2021
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NINETEEN nurses, who work in the same ward at the United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH), tested positive for COVID-19 after admitting several patients infected by the virus.

Bulawayo provincial medical director Maphios Siamuchembu said the hospital was still to ascertain which COVID-19 variant infected the nurses.

The new Omicron variant of COVID-19 was discovered in South Africa and Botswana recently.
“About 19 members of staff tested positive at UBH. We are doing the standard antigen COVID-19 tests, and we haven’t done genetic sequencing to identify the Omicron variant.

“In short we are not sure which variant we are dealing with,” Siamuchembu said.

“All people are screened and sanitised at the hospital entrance.

“All admitted patients are sent to Arundel COVID-19 hospital, while all symptomatic staff members are tested.

“We have procured personal protective equipment for staff members- NewsDay