Goblins Torment Family
16 December 2021
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CHIREDZI – Some 40 km north of Chiredzi Town in Zvemombe Village in Magudu Ranch in Chiredzi North, a family has suddenly fallen under the terror of suspected goblins.

Newman Zukwa who is aged 64 told The Mirror in an interview that his family knows no peace since the end of November. He says it all started on a Saturday when they were eating and they suddenly started seeing hot ash and soil being thrown into their children’s food. Later on they saw stones being thrown on Zukwa’s old father.

Zukwa has three children, a boy and two girls and the two girls and their grandfather (Zukwa’s father) have been the target of the invisible goblin attacks. They attend school and these days they are no longer going to school due to the attacks.

Zukwa stays home with the children, his wife and his father. His first wife died in 2012.

Zukwa said that the goblins pour sand and hot ash on the children’s food and on their bodies. Bricks are also thrown on the children and they feel the pain. The ash and sand are usually thrown into the food when the children are eating between 6am and 12pm.

When the ash and sand are poured on the food, the family prays about it but nothing changes, said Zukwa.

The hot ash thrown on them causes their bodies to be sore.

The area has no Chief.

The Village Development Committee (VIDCO) chairman Nelson Maphosa confirmed the mysterious happenings and said he has witnessed stones, ash and sand being thrown at the family.

“I also went there and I witnessed the mysterious happenings. I saw stones being thrown on the two girls and Zukwa’s father has a scar he got from the attack, “said Maphosa.- Masvingo Mirror