Election Watchdog Slams Disruption Of President Chamisa Charity Event
22 December 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust has condemned the selective application of the law by the police following the disruption of President Nelson Chamisa’s charity event in Harare on Monday.

Overzealous police details violently disrupted the charity event meant to distribute basic items to the elderly and people living with disabilities.

See Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust statement:

We note with concern the selective application of law by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in light of politcal gatherings in the country .

The recent disruptive conduct of ZRP at an MDC ALLIANCE charity event in Highfields is absurd, vacuous and barbaric .

This comes when ZANU PF and other political parties are holding successful politcal gatherings without any hindrance from law enforcement agents.

This continued shrinking of democratic space enfringes fundamental rights of citizens and further dents the image of the country.

As ZEAT, we implore ZRP to be impartial and desist from their heavy-handed approach, respect the constitution and act professionally…

We feel the MDC ALLIANCE has been discreetly banned from politcal activities in the country and this makes a very sad development in our Constitutional Democracy.

Section 67(2b&c) of the constitution is very express regarding politcal rights of citizens and politcal organizations.

Security forces have a constitutional mandate to defend and uphold the Constitution. ZEAT…. fostering democratic elections!