You’ll End Up Like Pokello, Jean Gasho Threatened By Husband
23 December 2021
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Activist and blogger, Jean Gasho has been threatened by her Ghanaian husband that she will soon end up like Pokello Nare.

Gasho made a report saying her husband has threatened to take away her kids and she produced some of the communication records. She said he is demanding that she stops doing her Facebook blogging.

Below is her public statement:

Kofi contacted me last night via Instagram video call after I went to the pub alone without an escort. He’s warned me that I should stop sharing intimate details about him online during lives otherwise he’s solicitors will get in touch with me regarding that and in the long run I will lose children to him permanently if I continue what I’m doing on Facebook.

I asked him if him calling me meant we are back together but he said that’s not important at the moment and couldn’t help but cry because he’s now messing with my head when I’ve just started to move on or try to gain some sort of independence.

He said people are telling him about my Live where I spoke about my intentions of pleasing myself without him and he’s disgusted and embarrassed by my behaviour and those videos will be online forever because people would have saved and downloaded them. He said I’m trying so hard to get fame and I’m going to end up like Elikem ex-wife a laughing stock of Ghana

He said he cries when he sees me crying so He said he’s going to call me every night and sing for me until I sleep and he’s cried last night because I was crying. He took these pictures when I slept and sent me on WhatsApp where he finally unblocked me and said I should call him when I wake but been up he’s not picking.

I had such a good positive day yesterday, now I’ve been banned from doing Facebook Live videos or going out without an escort he said if I’m going to the pub I should go with his driver.

Will delete post at sunrise just wanted to let it out since he’s banned me from going live.