UK Signals Dropping The Pre-Departure Covid Test For Travelling
5 January 2022
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….we do always have to adapt our systems so that they make sense, and they are actually the right approach for the situation that we’re facing…

By Health Editor | The United Kingdom has announced it is considering dropping the COVID departure test for traveling, in a development that follows the advice of among others, a Zimbabwean medical doctor Cleopas Sibanda, who says : The world just needs to stop all this covid schizophrenia and go back to living normally with the virus as we have always done before; Let’s do it now before we bankrupt ourselves and our economies for nothing.

Sibanda even suggests saying: those who were wrongly impoverished by Covid lockdowns need to be compensated.

Responding on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday morning, Care Minister Gillian Keegan said the UK is adapting its systems so that they make sense.

Another thing that we are hearing is being finalised today is the scrapping of the test for entry back into the UK, would you support that? asked a BBC presenter, to which the Care Minister said, ” well again, the scientists who I very much support are looking at what makes sense, and as I say because the variant is very much here, which globally now pretty much the dominant variant the case number are massive in every country, everybody’s hitting new records, so obviously against the backdrop of that we look at what makes sense in terms of people traveling and travel arrangements;

“that’s why we changed the red list if you remember we had a number of countries on the red list, straight away actually since we heard of Omicron we put those countries in the red list, but once it’d become pretty clear here, it didn’t really make much sense, so we do always have to adapt our systems so that they make sense, and they are actually the right approach for the situation that we’re facing.”

Zimbabwean doctor, Cleopas Sibanda has for weeks called for removal of lockdowns which he says are not effective in tackling the spread of COVID-19. The following is Dr Cleopas Sibanda’s full opinion, released 2 weeks ago.

Here is the real sobering truth about this so called Covid-19 Pandemic, ladies and gentlemen!

  1. Corona viruses and their daily emerging variants are not a new phenomenon at all. They have been around for millennia! This means that Covid-19 was never really new or novel at all, or anything new in terms of occurrence to write home about in the first place. Ditto for all its ensuing variants as well, these being delta, omicron, etc, etc. There is nothing really new here!
  2. Corona viruses, including what we now call covid, together with rhino and influenza viruses, are well known and well established causes of what people commonly refer to as “flu” or common cold. There is really nothing to shout “eureka” or write home about there! This means that there was nothing to shout out about the fact that covid disease or covid related SARS can affect human beings because it has always affected human beings from time immemorial!
  3. Statistically speaking, the case fatality rate of both endemic covid and epidemic covid range from zero to 4% with an average of 2%. This is not worth all the hysteria around covid. However, the true infections based case fatality rate is much lower than these figures because with covid, 40 to 60% of infections are asymptomatic and never become cases! What this actually means is that the actual infections based case fatality rate of covid is probably between zero and 0.16%. What this means is that in the absence of co-mobidities, the chance of dying from purely covid related causes are actually very remote! Hence there has never been and there is not any covid pandemic worth writing home about, guys! Who conned us on this issue and why is up to you guys to figure out, but we have been conned into believing in a pandemic that never was there in the first place!
  4. As far as covid vaccination is concerned, just like the annual influenza vaccine, covid vaccination may reduce disease severity, but it will not prevent infection or transmission. And neither does it provide long lasting immunity. Just like the influenza vaccine, the covid vaccine will have to be given annually where necessary. There is no need for any booster doses because covid alone is not a highly lethal disease and the immunity thereof is short lived! It’s not worth the trouble. Pure SARS alone only develops is a very, very small proportion of infected people. Just like the vaccine, natural infection also provides waning immunity, but this is much better than vaccine generated immunity, especially the immunity generated by these new RNA vaccines! Medically speaking, there is absolutely no need to vaccinate someone who recently suffered natural infection or who already has covid antibodies in their blood. But we are being urged just to vaccinate regardless! Why?
  5. Based on the above, all this hullabaloo about covid lockdowns, vaccines, etc, etc, which have costed us fortunes is and was completely unnecessary! After all, there is no scientific evidence or proof that all the lockdown measures which the whole world has applied or pretends to be applying so far actually work or have actually worked. Nothing! And no one wants to listen to or is talking about this fact! Right now, no one seems to be able to find a good reason for returning the world to normal after we politically and artificially turned it upside down in the name of covid. We have all been manipulated, thanks to our naivety and our own yapping to the conformity syndrome!
  6. Right now even countries which have acquired herd immunity through vaccinating over 70% of their populations seem not to know when or how to go back to normal. They continue to doll out vaccine booster doses and even more lockdown measures. This is crazy! If vaccination was supposed to make countries attain herd immunity so that there would be no lockdowns, why still continue with lockdowns after that herd immunity has been achieved? After all, vaccines can never prevent infections. And infections don’t really matter. What matters is morbidity and mortality. No matter what infections you may have, if they don’t make you feel sick, ill or diseased in any way whatsoever, then you are okay, you are not a disease case, you won’t die due to the infection and it’s nothing to worry about. Why are we being daily inundated and frightened with useless statistics about daily Covid infections and deaths and not daily covid case fatality rates, if I may ask?
  7. What about comparativity guys? Is covid the biggest killer which the world or any country is facing right now? Per 100 000 of our populations, is covid, on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, killing more people than say TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, cancers, work-related and all other accidents, wars and social conflicts, murders, all other diseases, and all these other causes of death combined? Why are we not having all these comparative statistics alongside covid statistics on a daily basis as well, guys? Why tell us just one side of the story? Why?
  8. Finally, after all is said and done as above, is our tremendously disproportionate expenditure on covid compared to all the other causes of death really, really warranted, ladies and gentlemen? Please do the maths for your own country and get a heartbreak!

Advice: The world just needs to stop all this covid schizophrenia and go back to living normally with the virus as we have always done before. Let’s do it now before we bankrupt ourselves and our economies for nothing! Those who were wrongly impoverished by covid lockdowns need to be compensated! I rest my case.