No Space For Belly Politicians In The People’s Struggle- President Chamisa
27 January 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Citizens Coalition For Change led by President Nelson Chamisa says there is no space for stomach politicians in the people’s struggle.

President Chamisa’s bold decision to rebrand his party is giving Zanu PF bigwigs sleepless nights.

The Citizens Coalition For Change ( Namibia) has lashed out at Mr Douglas Mwonzora for attempting to sell the people’s struggle for a few pieces of silver.

Read statement below:

Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) Namibia is absolutely inspired by freshness, positivity and loyalty in “The New.”

27 January 2022

Now that all the suspected enemies of progress were flushed out of the national democratic revolution led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa as the organic leader of the newly formed CCC, Namibia feels energised and rejuvenated to fight for the change that delivers. As an external assembly that subscribes to constitutional democracy, we urge all social democrats across the globe to cross pollinate the freshness,delight, clarity , enlightenment,optimism and joy brought by the renewal of the people’s party a futile attempt to annihilate the people’s party.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia embraces the revolutionary trajectory exhibited by the leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa who pledged to re-position the citizen to the centre of decision making and policy advocacy and formulation. The district concurs that the citizen should be at the centre of governance in a democracy. CCC’s commitment to one man one vote is irresistible that is why we are targeting 6 million voters for change in 2023 harmonised elections. Social democrats in Namibia are ready to contribute meaningfully morally,materially and financially.

Moreover, we urge citizens to brace for dangerous freedom as we face a hybrid of dictatorship ahead of the by-elections and general elections in 2023. It is the moral and political obligation of change seekers worldwide to embrace this mammoth vision for a New Great Zimbabwe. As part of our massive mobilisation, recruitment and radicalisation towards six million voters for change, we are geared to organise Zimbabweans in Namibia for complete socio-economic transfiguration.

Although changing our name,logo, colour and slogans arrived with some difficulties, our people are very clear on what we represent. We abandoned everything and surrendered it to Zanupf surrogates who wanted to sell the people’s project for three pieces of silver. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia maintains its dedication to the total emancipation of its downtrodden masses who are languishing in abject poverty. We shall soldier on confronting the belly politicians of plunder and self-enrichment. It should be clear to the whole world that we epitomise new hope, jubilance and freedom.

Furthermore, despite losing everything except ourselves, our strong conviction to usher in constitutional democracy remains unperturbed and it’s perennial.

Our message is very clear and precise, let’s register to vote for change, vote in 2023 and defend the vote against serial elections fraudsters in Zanupf. Social democrats should desist from greed politics especially from candidate selection processes to voting. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia echoes that double candidature is a clear sign of infiltration hence its presence in the new party will defeat our new hope. I hope we are not going to have such complications as we field our candidates for 2022 by-elections.

The ideology of social democracy as articulated by the late Icon Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai should demonstrate people’s respect to the national democratic struggle, may his dear soul rest in peace. Leaders are expected to be custodians of the people hope and revolutionary energy. Belly politics went with Douglas Mwonzora, Tokozanu Khupe, Morgan Komichi, Mashakada, Dumbu and their cabal. Ours is a fight for a developmental state where rights of citizens are respected. The counterfeit constitutionalists should see the power of the people during the by-elections.

In a nutshell, Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia maintains that everybody should register to vote, vote for change during by-elections and defend the vote if stolen by this clueless illegitimate government led by Mr Mnangagwa. Hello Yellow! Namibia yati #NgaapindeHakeMukomana
A New Great Zimbabwe
One people
One Nation
One Vision


Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya