Mnangagwa Dying, Says Prophet
14 February 2022
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By Farai D Hove | A west African prophet has delivered an oracle saying ZANU PF President Emerson Mnangagwa faces imminent death.

The prophet, Apostle Newman, said Mnangagwa is mislead by false prophets. He added saying the future of Zimbabwe is in the hands of a young man called Chamisa. He said in full:

The current President of Zimbabwe if you don’t leave office when your time is genuinely due, you will die there, you won’t even see the next term. Zimbabwe is a nation loved by God and a nation that loves God.

There are still people who are praying in Zim for the will of God to be done even though there are many false dirty prophets, carrying themselves. There is a man called Emeritus as well, if I am not mistaken they made him His Excellency. I don’t know if he was made Excellency by this same president.

Mr President you must be desperate; making prophet excellency doesn’t mean the excellency is in you. The great excellency is Jesus. Mr President of Zim get on your knees and seek god’s face yourself.

If you want to hear the truth God’s will for you, God’s plan is for you to finish your term, and go to your house, Zimbabwe oh Zimbabwe, hear this: tell your president, if he wants to live long, let him finish your term, and let him retire to his house.

Don’t be fooled because if you die these same prophets, these excellencies, and her excellencies and all these Passion Fruit, navigation javas, they will not die with you. Go and read the Bible these prophets have mislaid many Kings in the past and they die, by not listening to the voice of God. Nobody can cheat Zimbabwe of her destiny.

God is particular about Zimbabwe now, do you know the future of Zimbabwe is a young man called Chi Chamisa? A young man is the future of Zimbabwe not the man that is there now. Let the true prophetic voices in Zim start speaking, and not these entertainers, Passion Fruit Navigating Javas, these men are pocketing your national cake in their pockets, claiming God is speaking through them.

Africa’s hope is not in old men. Zimbabwe, man who is in his 70s and 80s, telling you he wants to rule you. Zimbabwe oh Zimbabwe; your destiny is in the hands of a young man, called Chimasa, or Chamisa or something like that.