Ukraine War: President Chamisa Calls For Dialogue
25 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens’ Coalition For Change leader President Nelson Chamisa says the war in Ukraine is unnecessary and catastrophic.

According to President Chamisa, war is associated with bloodshed and destruction of infrastructure such that it should be avoided.

See full statement below:

Today the world woke up to grave news of war in Ukraine.

This is a sad day for humanity. War is bloodshed, misery & great suffering.

In all this, women, children & ordinary citizens are the most vulnerable victims. Peace is fragile and it must be jealously guarded at all times.

Humanity has made great progress over the decades,but we are reminded once again of our capacity for self destruction.

Its not as if the world has a shortage of problems.

It’s utterly uncalled for to start a war when the world is battling a deadly pandemic & climate change.

Only yesterday, the African Union championed the theme of Silencing the Guns.

The message could not be more appropriate at this time.We urge all the actors to give dialogue a chance.

After all, guns and missiles are ultimately silenced by dialogue and diplomacy.

We subscribe to and support the principles of territorial sovereignty, equality of states, non-intervention and state consent.

In this regard, it is absolutely vital to respect and honour the sovereignty of every nation state regardless of size or any other factor.