Mnangagwa Officially Announces: Zimbabwe To Protect the Entire African Continent’s Workers
7 April 2022
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Addressing the Africa Diamond Producers Association in Victoria Falls on Thursday, ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa celebrated Zimbabwe’s taking on of the baton stick for the continental body.

Mnangagwa said his country will now protect the entire continent’s workers. He said in full:

“For too long, Africans have not been in control of our own resources – meaning we did not have control of our own destiny.

“Zimbabwe says no more to this exploitation.

“As incoming Chair of the ADPA, Zimbabwe will work relentlessly to protect African workers and African companies in the industry.”


The office of the president is highly esteemed hence people expect real and factual communication not propaganda all the time. On the ground the Chinese and Zanupf elites have replaced the western colonialists, we have new masters in town. They are ravaging our economy and displacing local people from their ancestral land, bribing their way through and have become untouchables. Chinese and Zanupf employers are abusing their workers and reports are made daily but nothing is changed. In Zimbabwe independence is still a pipe dream.