Matanga Faces Contempt Of Court
23 April 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Zimbabwe Republic Police boss Gideon Matanga faces a contempt of court charge after refusing to reinstate ZRP cop Sikhatazile Moyo.

Moyo appealed to the High Court and had her dismissal reversed.

However, Matanga has defied the court order.

Commenting on the matter, Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Felix Ndiweni said:

“The ZRP sacks Constable Sikhathazile Moyo. She appeals to the High Court and wins her job back in 2020. It was a Court Order to reinstate her. ZRP Commissioner Godwin Matanga refuses. High Cour now says that is Contempt of Court do it or 90 days in jail. THIS IS THE POLICE ZRP.”

According to Chief Ndiweni, change is unavoidable:

“It is exceedingly unrealistic to expect Zanu PF gov to continue endlessly. That is abnormality. Change is the base law of everything. Including Zanu PF. No matter how much some people may reject the idea. But Change is coming in 2023. That time of Change has come.

A lot of people in Zimbabwe imagine that their level of anger against the ZANU PF led govt is the same as that of the next person when in fact that is not true! So you think that a man without a single structure anywhere will win the coming elections?

There is no government that has ever predicted it’s own down fall. With hind sight that ruling party will then say, ” yes it was because of such and such”. But to predict it’s removal from power never. But it happens every month somewhere in the world. It’s normal.”