‘Alluvah Could Be Lying About His Situation In Cameroon’
29 April 2022
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It appears the only Zhakata who likes to tell the truth, is Leonard Karikoga.

The legendary musician once said in one of his masterpieces Kana Ndichitaura Batai Mazwi, Kuitira Mangwana (When I speak, listen so that tomorrow you won’t say I didn’t tell you).

That is exactly what you should do on the Alvin ‘Aluvah’ Zhakata saga — listen to us.

Less than a week after it emerged that the Warriors fan is stuck in Cameroon where he is ‘homeless and helpless’, Soccer24 has it on good authotity that a Zimbabwean well-wisher offered to help him, to no avail.

Aluvah has been holed up in the West African’s capital Yaounde, since the Afcon 2021 finals ended in February, amid revelations that he owes Arena Hotel money for unpaid bills and his return home hit a brick wall after his plane ticket attracted penalties.

Soccer24 understands that a Zimbabwean abroad offered to buy Aluvah a ticket, as well as pay the claimed penalties using a credit card, but the lanky fan cast a deaf ear to the proposal and instead, opted for money to be sent.

This totally questions not only his sincerity about the need for help to come back home, but the actual reasons why he is in Cameroon.

“I offered to buy him a ticket as well as pay for the supposed penalty using a credit card. Initially he agreed, but when I then asked him of the day he wants to travel so that I could buy the ticket, he started ignoring me,” the well-wisher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed to Soccer24.

Contrary to what has been widely-reported, Aluvah is not living in the streets in Cameroon, he has a room to stay in and even has access to food, Wi-Fi and of course, alcohol.