Yuda: Basically Everything Except RBZ, Joina City and Nehanda Statue Was Built by Ian Smith
1 June 2022
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Top whistleblower and forensic scientist Shepherd Yuda comments saying, basically everything except Reserve Bank, Joina City building and the Nehanda Statue was built by Ian Smith.

Ian Smith was NOT PERFECT, but so far he is the best leader Zimbabwe has ever had.

We are still using Ian Smith:

  • roads,
  • dams,
  • trains,

May His Lovely Soul Rest in Peace.

You set a high bar. Sadly Zimbabweans know this is true: chiefly because of the oppression, abductions , poor economy, inflation, the killings, lack of opportunities for many, pensions eroded twice in 20yrs , poor road infrastructure, no investment in alternative trains.

Ian Smith