How Safe Is Chiwenga?
3 June 2022
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By Simba Chikanza |  FEATURE | Just focus on registering to vote, forget about ‘finishing the sports,’ because State Power only comes through the ZEC database, ZANU PF increases the decible, in a message it daily communicates; and yes, it is true that there have been 2 live grenade attack attempts against Emmerson Mnangagwa’s deputy Constantino Chiwenga. This was between April 2018 and June of that year. The first attempt was reported on the 28th April. Impeccable sources cited by the exiled Prof Jonathan Moyo said on the ‘Wed night as Chiwenga took off his shoes in his bedroom to store them away; the shoes hit an object which rolled and made a metallic sound. To his horror, the object was a grenade. He summarily dismissed domestic staff and got security detail detained.”

The second grenade exploded against the man’s wife on the 23rd June 2018, and the VP was missed by a whisker at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo.

All these horrors caught on camera were relived this week when it emerged Emmerson Mnangagwa blocked the granting of hero status to Chiwenga’s late secretary, Gen Godfrey Chanakira, and only did so after a second consideration.

How safe is Chiwenga? And how clear is the path to taking over state power seeing that Mnangagwa’s crew are not politicians at all; they are mere professional saboteurs? The opposition will have to think and act faster than saboteurs.

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As the upcoming by election draws near, the necessity to do a security briefing, under the topic ‘State Power Now’ is more than vital, Thomas Mapfumo reveals.

Mapfumo in his latest interview with me, says if Nelson Chamisa is entering these polls on the wrong foundation, this will be disaster. Is he safe, and what must be done to attain safety?

If he calls Emmerson Mnangagwa, president, he has already lost State House; he will never make it and it will take him another 500 years to remove him because Mnangagwa is a terrorist.

What does this analogy make clear? It speaks to the subject of “State Power Now.” Over the last 3 years I have spent this entire time focusing on establishing state of power now: not only publishing, but demonstrating it.

What exactly is State Power now? It is the instant application of UN level legal powersto do things such as regime change.

Simba Chikanza

This is all done while crushing traditional bottlenecks, hindrances that keep repeating over centuries of despotiques.

I have demonstrated this application several times in my fight against the fake news directed against my work while I was being told, first that there was no coup in November 2017, and after the 2018 elections, I and other scribes must honour the self boasting genocide criminal, Emmerson Mnangagwa, with the title, “President.” 3 years ago, I broke the norm, and refused, and today, I have proven that State Power Now works.

Dictators don’t want you to know that you have State Power, because upon its implementation, they are swiftly removed. When is State Power obtained, in the coming election? In 2023? No, it is taken today, now, by simply recognising it and instantly exercising it. There is no other way it comes.

There are numerous ways State Power Now can be exercised, without breaking any laws, and without conducting either a coup or a demonstration. No noise is necessary because State Power is powerful enough. Authority does not require noise or excessive effort. In a country like Zimbabwe, this happens to be the most feasible option to ending institutionalised crime and repeating state capture.

It can also be implemented in phases. Where struggles are at their worst, one of these ways is imposing State Power Now in layers; this is in country scenarios that are the most difficult. Creating a parallel police force on the international arena is one of these ways. Another is creating a second electoral commission operating in the international airspace. I tried the first method, in phases, and at present, Chief Felix Ndiweni is implementing the second one, through the MyRightToVote campaign, a brilliant initiative that will get the Mnangagwa family controlled Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, squared off.

The masses should not wait to get law and order tomorrow, because a delay means it will never happen. State Power is only exercised now; if you wait for it, it will never come. If the opposition cannot for instance run its own CID law and order department in the diaspora, so that whenever someone commits a crime inside Zimbabwe, they will be met with instant justice upon flying out of the country, it will be very difficult to remove the monster that daily terrorises citizens. In this proposed model, dockets will be assembled every day by members of his organisation stationed outside the country working with those inside. When I travelled to Serbia in 2019, this is what I was on about to not only publish but demonstrate State Power Now. State power has to be not only talked about, it has to be demonstrated and it can only be exercised in the now, not futuristically.

Number two: you also need to set up your own structures of government. You need to do this figuratively and you may need at the same time physically. Such preparation strengthens you so when the moment arrives, you are ready to take over power, and in Chamisa’s case, it goes beyond graphics, it is a matter of legal reality, because there is clear demonstrable evidence that he won the 2018 elections.

When Edgar Lungu switched off the internet after losing the 2021 election, I spent the whole night studying how to drop the bombshell question. I had to ensure that words are loaded with state power. While in the act of throwing my questions to him, if you listen to the construct of my discourse, you will notice how I managed to totally dislodge him before opening his mouth.

One can notice from the 22minute interview, that I was exercising state-power-now. I made it very clear to him that he is no longer the president of Zambia, even though in reality he was still controlling the instruments of power legally as President until a handover; and even though I have never visited thar country, I made it clear to him that even I myself would be in a position to throw him into jail same day. State power now, has to be exercised in this way with confidence, firmness, and with now-ness.

At this time, the man was preparing to use the state security against his citizens and then hold onto power illegally through an excuse that his opponents have committed terrorism. He was just about to create chaos and then declare a state of emergency, all for the convenience of his political nuisance. The only way to stop him was to use State-Power-Now, and it worked.

If Chamisa and his members cannot upgrade themselves to this level of State Power Now, they are wasting the masses time, because Mnangagwa has made it clear that the election game is a mere elimination (killing) operation.

While the opposition is hoping on only one method – voting, trusting that the rogue soldiers running the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission will transform into civilians, Mnangagwa is operating outside the rules of a real election and under such an approach, there are 15 million ways he is disappointing Chamisa. He has state powers to use every and any citizen against the opposition through violence and afterwards blame them for it.

What Chamisa now needs after the Zambia election victory, is to utilise a facility in the UN, AU, and SADC charters, that deregisters politicians who obtain power through a coup.

Chamisa needs to supervise the suing of the former and the current president of Zambia on the basis that that country’s presidency participated in operationalising the Aug 2018 military coup, the unconstitutional overthrowal of the government led by Nelson Chamisa, at its foundations, between the 1st and 10th of August 2018. Both need to be sued so that they announce official apologies to the UN SADC and the AU, that they regret that Zambian state resources were used to overthrow a constitutionally elected government led by Nelson Chamisa, at its foundations between the 1st and 10th of August 2018.

The deportation of Tendai Biti through the help of Zambia, was a violation of a High Court order being furthermore a war crime, as it was part and parcel of the military coup against Nelson Chamisa.

If Biti and Chamisa do not do this, they have betrayed the people of Zimbabwe as 2023 is going to be worse militarised. – MORE IN NEXT WEEK’S POWERTOID ON STATE POWER NOW