Moreblessing Ali Abduction: Sikhala Ready To Take On Mnangagwa Regime
5 June 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Citizens Coalition for Change vice chairperson, Hon Job Sikhala has challenged Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to release Moreblessing Ali with immediate effect.

The regime has threatened to arrest Hon Biti for demanding Moreblessing’s release.

However, the fearless politician says he is not afraid of taking on Mr Mnangagwa’s administration in the battle for fundamental human rights.

Hon Sikhala wrote on Twitter:

“Dear Zimbabweans:
Since Tuesday last week, the details of Moreblessing Ali remain elusive.

I appeal to all of you to cause her story to go viral to all corners of the world.

This heinous crime by well known people can not go unpunished.

The police have been given the names. Action plz.

The level of anger here in Chitungwiza over the unexplained mysteries surrounding the failure to account for Moreblessing Ali whereabouts has reached fever pitch.

Citizens are contemplating a mass demonstration here in Chitungwiza until Moreblessing Ali’s whereabouts are known.