Erectile Dysfunctional Kadoma Gold Dealer Dumps Wife For A Slay-Queen
20 June 2022
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By James Gwati-A popular erectile dysfunctional Kadoma Gold dealer, Calvin Obert (28), has deserted his wife and now stays with a local slay-queen.

accused…Calvin Obert

Calvin deserted after his wife had complained that they should seek spiritual divine to save their three-year.

According to the disgruntled wife, Calvin has a severe erectile dysfunctional problem and uses s*x enhancement tablets for an erection.

She said she discovered Calvin’s problem the same week they got married.

The two got married in 2020 and have a one-and-a-half-year-old baby girl.

The wife said since 2020; she has been engaging her inlaws, but with no assistance.

“I discovered this the same week we got married and asked him why he did not tell me that he had such a problem. We stayed like that since 2020, and he never satisfied me in bed. Every time we wanted to make love, his manhood shrunk; for those years, I resorted to masturbating to relieve myself. He could get an erection only after taking some pills, but again, he could not ejaculate. We stayed like that for a year, with one knowing this, until I decided to go and tell his Mother. But surprisingly, she did not take any action. She only said that they would sort it out, and that was that,” she said.

” The problem worsened, and this time he started to have wet dreams and could only ejaculate in his sleep, and this made me believe that this was spiritual. I advised him that we should seek for prayers, but his Mother insisted on going ku N’anga, which also made the problem even worse,” she said.

Calvin’s wife said the situation deteriorated, and instead of paying attention to the problem, Calvin started cheating with a local girl named Lisa Chivende (pictured with Calvin).

Calvin with Lisa

” He used the same tricks of taking s*x enhancement pills and started seeing Lisa. I confronted him and his girlfriend, and they both apologised and promised they were ending their relationship. He stopped seeing Lisa for a week, and they re-engaged again. I told his Mother about this, and she said I had become too fat and too big for her son. This broke my heart, considering it was two years of staying without s*x with their son. I stood with him faithfully, hoping that one day it would work, but his family thanked me with these insults. I told them they should take me back to my parents if they no longer loved me, and they refused. I went back home for almost six months, and we slept in different rooms,” she narrated.

The betrayed young woman said she later decided to return to her parents after seeing that their relationship had become irreconcilable.

Contacted for comment, Calvin said he was busy to give an immediate response.

” Is that what she told you? Right now I am busy r as I am travelling to the mine. We clashed on several issues, and I will talk to you when I have time,” he said before terminating the call.

The two are still legally married.