Top Cops Loot Deceased Person’s Estate
23 June 2022
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By-An 18-year-old man has complained to Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, accusing two senior police officers of looting gold ore at Rosa 10 Mine in Chiweshe despite a High Court order stopping operations at the mine.
Lawrence Shereni, who is a beneficiary to the estate, through his lawyers TK Takaindisa Law Chambers, accused Superintendent Ophius Gadzikwa and Chief Superintendent Enock Masimba of conniving with Yolanda Mututuma, who is a surviving spouse to the deceased, to loot the mine.
“We refer to the above in which we wish to lodge a complaint against two of your senior officers Superintendent Gadzikwa and Chief Superintendent Masimba, who have illegally sanctioned the removal of tonnes of gold ore at Rosa 10 Mine, contrary to the orders issued by the High Court,” he wrote to Comm-Gen Matanga.

“The High Court under case no.3366/22 ordered all mining operations to be stopped at the estate until an executor to the estate has been appointed. It is an order of the High Court that whatever is to happen at the deceased estate should be in consultation with our client, Lawrence Shereni, who is also a child and a beneficiary to the estate Rosa 10 mine (See order under case no HC 2978/22).
“Superintendent Gadzikwa and Chief Superintendent Masimba have been conniving with the other beneficiary of the estate, Yolanda Mututuma, who is a surviving spouse to the deceased, to loot gold contrary to the order of the High Court.”
Shereni said the officers’ acts were tantamount to corruption.
“We wish to state that there is no doubt that your officers are engaging in corrupt practices as these tactics were meant to ensure that they loot the gold ore in cahoots with one Yolanda Mututuma, who is a surviving spouse to the deceased, despite court orders having suspended operations,” he wrote.

Shereni claimed that the two officers had been threatening him against opening a report with the police at Chombira Police Station on the looting of the gold ore.
He stated that Supt Gadzikwa directed the officer in charge at the police station not to get involved in any issues to do with Rosa 10 mine.
“The actions of your police officers have resulted in the looting of gold ore valued at more than half a million US dollars,” he wrote. “We doubt very much that the police legal department sanctioned such criminal activities as the court orders are clear in black and white.”
The complaint was filed by Shereni today and stamped at the Police Headquarters.
Supt Gadzikwa and Masimba haven’t responded yet to the allegations being levelled against them.