Mai Titi, Joey Nyikadzino Smoke Peace Pipe
15 July 2022
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By Jane Mlambo| After weeks of fighting, controversial socialites Mai Titi and Joey Nyikadzino have made peace and pictured together as a confirmation of having buried their differences.

Mai Titi and Nyikadzino fought on social media after the latter claimed that a car the popular comedienne got from her United States based husband as a birthday presented, used to be hers.

Mai Titi reacted angrily, attacking Nyikadzino for trying to gain limelight from her birthday. The drama proceeded with Nyikadzino posting chats with the car sale company who were handling the transaction.

Posting on Facebook, Nyikadzino said Mai Titi assisted her at her time of need when she wanted someone to collect something for her when she was applying for a visa at an unnamed embassy.

She reckoned that social media is just a street while there is real life behind the mobile phone and computer screens.

“I have learnt my lesson today, kuti in life musavengane ne zvinhu zvisina basa on social media, ini pfee Ku visa then they said they wanted something that I did not have ipapo, guess who helped me mai titi thank you so much, I appreciate. Social media is just a street , there is what we call life behind social media.”