ZBC To Broadcast EPL Games
2 August 2022
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The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has secured free-to-air rights to broadcast the English Premier League (EPL).

The national broadcaster will show the “Game of the Week” every Saturday afternoon, starting with the opening round fixture between Tottenham between Southampton at 4 pm CAT.

The package also includes stream feed, a preview show, highlights and fantasy football for fans.

ZBC’s Acting Director of Television Services and Digital Platforms, Ms Merit Munzwembiri, confirmed the development after entering into a partnership with Simuka Corporation.

“We are pleased to announce that we have exciting times coming ahead, starting this weekend,” she said, as quoted by the ZBC website.

“We will be, as ZBC bringing you the EPL- English Premier League every other Saturday. This is a partnership we entered with our partner from South Africa, Simuka Football.

“The excitement around it is that it will be on ZBCTV, but also live streaming on that digital platform called Simuka Football.

“There will also be an exciting fantasy league for all those fans who are critics, who look at the coaches and their failures and want to believe that they also have an opportunity to set up their own teams and play. This league will also be featured on ZBCTV in programmes that you will see like EPL ZONE.”- Soccer24 Zimbabwe