Mnangagwa Bans Screening Of President Chamisa Film
10 August 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

President- the documentary about the 2018 Zimbabwean general election has been banned by the regime in Harare.

We find it uncouth, cowardly and oppressive on the part of the our government to ban screening and distribution in Zimbabwe of this highly acclaimed film by the Danish Filmmaker Camilla Nielsson .

This documentary has already been screened globally , to include two times in Zambia , Kenya , UK, Norway, USA , Australia and soon in South Africa.

The banning of this multi-award winning documentary is an attack on the constitutionally guaranteed rights to media, freedom of expression, conscience and association.

We hope the battles in court will yield a decent outcome for the nation deserves access to unbiased information .

Ours is a quest to create a Zimbabwe that promotes access to media and free movement of information.