Mnangagwa Beaten
6 September 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) overcame Zanu PF in by-elections held at the weekend.

CCC won two out of the three by-elections held in Bulilima.

CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa described the weekend results as encouraging.


A BIG WIN against all odds, CCC won 2/3 of the wards previously held by Zpf in yesterday’s by-elections. We nearly took all wards.

What a great fight Champions!! We’re a CITIZENS MOVEMENT.

Thanks to our ground forces,the Change Champions.

Kudos to diaspora for the support.All glory be to God! #Godisinit #WinBig #FakaPressure
#Ngaapindehakemukomana #kangenesibiliujaha


Nganginembisana,” said President Chamisa in a statement on Twitter.