Mnangagwa Faces “Arrest” Next Week – PPP Call
6 September 2022
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By- The People’s Patriotic Party, president Zvaringeni Samuel Chasi wants President Emmerson Mnangagwa to be arrested by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over a series of human abuse cases next week in America.

Chasi wrote to ICCC asking them to arrest Mnangagwa next week on 13 September in New York when he attends the 77 UN session.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) investigates and, where warranted, tries individuals charged with the gravest crimes of concern to the international community: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression. As a court of last resort, it seeks to complement, not replace, national Courts. Governed by an international treaty called the Rome Statute, the ICC is the world’s first permanent international criminal court. 

In a letter seen by this publication, People’s Patriotic Party, president said Mnangagwa should be arrested next week in New York.

Below is the letter addressed to Mnangagwa copied to the UN, African Union, SADC, Diplomatic Missions, ICC, Parliament of Zimbabwe and Political Parties:

Dear Sir


Mr. President Sir; we Appeal to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to officially either serve you Summons or issue Warrant of Arrest or Proceed to Apprehend, Interrogate and Prosecute you on Applicable Legal Criteria on 13 September during 77th Session UN General Assembly in New York on charges from Coup De Tat, Mass Genocide, Torture, Abductions, Rape, with counts backdated from 1983 to Date with Redundant Commissions of Inquiry whereas Gross Violations of Human Rights including Failure to Uphold the Rule of Law and defeat to the Course of Justice has been cited.

Mr. President Sir, we Declare a Freedom Charter in Zimbabwe comparable to the one Adopted on 26 June 1955 by South Africa. Your Resignation will not be a Waiver for your Crimes but Honor to Founding Fathers and Heroes whose Legacy you have massacred. We call upon your Impeachment by Parliament or Recall by Zanu -PF. Mr. President Sir, you have Gross Incapacitation and Incompetence since 2017 with Empty Hollow Speeches, Looting and Media Coverage of Cartel Deals worth Trillions of USD with Zero Proceeds to the State Treasury. There is no Second Republic but Rise of the 5th Chimurenga -Economic Independence with what you call “Born Frees” now Declared Comrades of their Generation. 

Please Recall your Zanu-PF Ambassador in South Africa and seek Guidance from those who commenced the Diplomatic Relations. Clearly as Head of State you failed to Dialogue with your Counterpart in South Africa or Address on Xenophobic Attacks/Permit Issues on Zimbabweans and yet you want to manipulate elections with State of Emergency. On 26 August 2022 an Open Letter to the Republic of South Africa was mailed and acknowledged with emphasis not to Exterminate ZIMBABWEANS using Colonial and Apartheid Tactics and in Review Order to Maintain Diplomatic Relations and Promote Peace.

We are Privileged by South African Government to Extend ZEP Permits to June 2023 with hopes for a New Zimbabwe Government then and sustain the Decision for All Healthcare to be Billed to Zimbabwe. We Request a Voluntary Repatriation Exercise Commences (200 Buses) + Free Duty to All Returning Residents + Allowances. Normal Permits/ Visas should be processed as per norm. Refugee/Political Asylums should be Granted to Zimbabweans Remaining in South Africa including Such Passports in terms of Refugee Act 1998,1951 UN Convention on Refugees Act,1969 OAU Convention,1967 Protocol,1993 Basic Agreement Between the Government of South Africa and UNHCR including the Immigration Act of South Africa.

Mr. President; Sir, Parliament should be Dissolved and Senate Abolished respectively as they serve a Ceremonial Role With POLAD now Policy Makers. Electoral Reforms for 2023 Elections should go through a Referendum and Public Consultations done. SADC Polling Stations are a must including Diaspora Vote/Registration. No Political Dialogue or GNU is Acceptable 2023.Securocrats are to Defend the Constitution of Zimbabwe and Ensure a Peaceful Transition and Transfer of Power. 

We call upon your Government to Release all Political and Immigration Prisoners with Immediate Effect. This country will never die but the young people shall save it!!!

Yours Sincerely Zvaringeni Samuel Chasi

President & Commander in Chief People’s Patriotic Party Zimbabwe