LEAD President Linda Masarira Fumes Over UZ Fees Hike
13 September 2022
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Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022 07:39 am

Statement on price hikes

We demand a review on the tertiary institution fees that were recently reviewed.

The recent sky rocketing UZ tertiary education fees do not make sense and is grossly unfair.

The recently pegged fees are unreasonably too high and in addition three quaters of the students at this institution ‘s parents are civil servants who receive peanuts as salaries and will not be able to pay these absurd UZ fees.

There must be a balance between the cost of living of the majority and these ridiculous tertiary fees.

We hereby demand that the government review the school fees taking into consideration the above mentioned facts.

These state institutions are termed Public Schools which means they must be charging minimum fees in respect to the costs of living of the people not end up competing with private schools.

The Minister of Tertiary Education should address this issue as soon as possible because this will result in a lot of dropouts, which will be a loss of intellectual capacity for the country.

LEAD Presidential Spokesperson
Everjoy Chidindi