Has Mai Titi’s WiFi Bundle Depleted? Or It Was Stolen By Stunner, DJ Fantan’s Ex-Wives?
14 September 2022
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By A Correspondent| Controversial socialite who recently left Zimbabweans speechless after she openly admitted to bed-hopping saying she will not last over a week before moving on from a break-up has failed to live to her promise despite ending things with her United States husband Tinashe Maphosa.

Speaking on Star FM radio late last year, mai Titi said she would rather jump from one relationship to another than force herself in a marriage.

“If I get dumped today, the following week I’ll be with someone else. I move on fast like WiFI, I don’t like problems in my life,” she said.

Now it appears Mai Titi is failing to move on despite announcing that she has seperated from Maphosa.

She recently shocked many when she appeared in a video burning her wedding gown saying she did not want it to be used by anyone else as it had curses of her broken union with Tinashe Maphosa.

Many people said the move showed that she was heartbroken and still nursing emotions of the marriage break-up.

Mai Titi invested lots of money running into tens of thousands on wedding preparations including inviting South African diva Kelly Khumalo and this could be the reason why she is finding it hard to move on, many people believe.

While Mai Titi made the world believe that she no-longer has emotions to invest in a relationship, it is Stunner’s ex wife Dionne Tafirenyika and DJ Fantan’s Gamuchirai Nemukuyu who have may have stolen the Wi-Fi modem or should we say Wi-Fi network from the controversial comedienne.

Stunner’s ex-wife and Nemukuyu did not last a year or even six months after breaking up from their husbands and could well fit into Mai Titi’s Wi-Fi like character.

Instead of living up to her promise of quickly moving on, Mai Titi appears on a mission to finish off Maphosa’s short lived fame by continuously dragging and bringing out new and juicy details of her time with the now ex-husband.