Spy Minister Targets Chamisa
16 September 2022
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By-Gokwe-Kana MP and former State Security minister Owen Mudha Ncube said the opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa and his party were enemies of the state.

Mudha told Zanu PF supporters at a Gweru inter-district meeting that party members should block Chamisa.
He said:
Our President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) has won the 2023 presidential election. It is only Zanu PF which must rule this country not the opposition because liberation fighters sacrificed for this country.
… The enemy is not in our party. The enemy is the CCC led by Nelson Chamisa.
CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba said that it clearly shows that Zanu PF is only focused on power retention and not addressing the plight of citizens. Said Siziba:
For the former minister Mudha to say this shows the level at which the country is in dire need of leadership.
The words are a clear sign that the centre is failing to hold. It is a clear sign that Zanu PF is focusing on power retention instead of addressing the welfare of our people.
Zanu PF is failing to address the plight of teachers and other public workers, students are failing to access education because of its failed policies.