Political Paranoia and Mud Smearing Tactics Season
18 September 2022
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By Womberaiishe Tirivangani Nhende

For avoidance of assumed positions , let me be clear as l begin that whatever l write remains my right as l write and anyone with contrary assertion shall be free to engage at whatever level and to whatever extend except the extent to silence my keypad.

I write what l want !!! Let me depart !!I have opined before on various occasions and matters in the political matrix of then MDC Alliance and now the CCC and l shall continue to do so .

As President Nelson Chamisa envisioned the 2023 plebiscite, his modus oparandi became non conformed to what used to be and what some assume used to be. This strategy has brewed anxiety not only within but also outside the confines of the party as those who scheme politically are left schemeless and guessing of President Chamisa’s next move except for a few in the know.

This remains a very smart move !!Any person inteligent or otherwise can agree that scheming for internal or external forces has been relegated to the periphery leaving political trajectories highly skewed towards paranoia.

As the paranoia increased time and again internal jostling for favour has gained traction thus the beginning of a new era of mud smearing , name calling and bootlicking on steroids , whilst all this is shaping on Facebook, Twitter and not sparing wordpress ; political competence has already been shelved.

The fight for proximity to number 1 is already messy and Zanu PF as usual is focused on its campaign trail and on the periphery is also focused on influencing narrative in the opposition camp and this has been a long term project which included media capture and many other social media shenanigans ( a topic for another day).

Excitable social media characters must fasten seat belts as facebook and Twitter shall be the arena for mud smearing and bootlicking as camps in the political matrix seek to outsmart and taint each other in the opposition. Not to be spared shall be civil society and much to the delight of Zanu PF and its PVO bill ( we are such a bunch of fools).

As you watch biggest loser on Dear Steve , opposition will suffer same fate as a result of PVO and internal mud smearing.I speak from a perspective of someone who has learnt what it means sending an audio to an inbox and then listen to it later on an online tabloid.

We have witnessed many being recorded whilst having discussions and such recordings being publicized for political millage.

President Nelson Chamisa has made it very difficult for those with ambitions to focus on zvigaro because noone knows the process which guarantees chigaro thus all are working hard to register voters , some post fake stats on that ( a story for another day).

This has actually managed to stabilise the party towards the plebiscite as well as increase kugwaza, although rumours and political grapevine remains vile on candidate selection and purported formation of a new structure.

This has increased the Paranoia and Mud smearing tactics. Behold and lo this is the season, brace yourselves as its going to be an interesting season of Facebook and Twitter mud smearing and bootlicking.

Happy Sunday Everyone