Adventist School Expels 21 Form 4 Pupils For Sneaking Into Girls Dorms
1 October 2022
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21 Form 4 pupils were allegedly expelled from the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) run Lower Gwelo Mission High School in Lower Gweru.

The boys were expelled for allegedly sneaking into the girls’ dormitories while the girls were expelled for entertaining the boys in their dormitories.

Of the 21, it could not be ascertained how many were girls and how many were boys.

However, 13 pupils were later reinstated and eight remain expelled. The incident occurred on Wednesday last week at around 10 PM.

The decision to expel the pupils has been castigated by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education which said a headmaster has no powers to exclude or expel learners. Only the Education Secretary has such authority.

The suspended pupils include both boys and girls. The decision to allegedly expel the eight has not been received well by parents who are now accusing the school authorities of favouritism.

“On September 21 around 10 PM, a group of male pupils sneaked into the girls’ dormitories. It’s now common for the boys to sneak into the girls’ dormitories to have sexual intercourse. Sometime they will be drinking hot stuff under the cover of the night,” said a source close to the matter.

A parent whose child was expelled posted on WhatsApp:

“I am bringing to your attention a case where Form 4 (pupils) have been expelled at the SDA run Lower Gwelo Mission in (Lower) Gweru. Boys sneaked into girls’ dormitories. 21 both sexes were suspended. Amazingly only eight were expelled, these were expelled because their parents are vocal against the school’s unreasonable opinions. Imagine female kids being dismissed at midnight not knowing where they will sleep. Favouritism was used to bring judgement.”

In an interview yesterday, Provincial Education Director of Midlands, Mr Jameson Machimbira confirmed receiving the information but said investigations were underway.

 “I can confirm that there are reports to the effect that 21 learners at Lower Gwelo High School were expelled and we are investigating the matter,” he said.

Mr Machimbira castigated the school authority for expelling the learners saying school headmasters have no powers to exclude or expel learners.

 “To begin with, whatever action that was taken was irregular. Currently disciplinary procedures of that nature are guided by policy circular number 35. The circular is very clear. The head has no powers to exclude/expel learners. Only the Secretary for MoPSE has such authority,” he said.

Mr Machimbira called on the affected parents to approach the Ministry so that they assist with investigations.

-State Media