Social Media Our Trump Card
4 October 2022
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By Jeffryson Chitando

Former MP Masvingo Central Constituency

Zimbabwean citizens who are fighting for democracy must know that Zanu PF has killed the private media.

Mnangagwa has neutralised the private media.

Social media must be Zimbabweans centre for truthful, honest, reliable and dependable news.

Oasis of truthful news.Whilst ZanuPF bombard people with propaganda, change champions must capture every event and story to inform the true Zimbabwean story.A story of Citizens in great need of democratic,free,fair and transparent elections.

The proliferation of social media must outcompete ZanuPF mouthpieces.Social media must be our weapon of mass destruction of the ZanuPF propaganda.

Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for Citizens who want change in Zimbabwe.