Mnangagwa Congratulates Self For Building Dams
29 October 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| The Zanu PF leader Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa has claimed the construction of dams across the country is a “Second Republic” achievement.

Speaking at the seventh Zanu PF Congress in Harare on Friday, Mr Mnangagwa touted himself as a great unifier despite butchering his political foes.

Mr Mnangagwa is known for ruthlessly punishing perceived political rivals.

The Zanu PF leader also called for the removal of “sanctions imposed on Harare by the West.”

Said Mr Mnangagwa:

“We don’t take your solidarity against sanctions for granted.

Despite negative impact of sanctions they have inspired us to develop our own developmental agenda harnessing our own capacities to modernise industrialize and develop our country as well as opening new frontiers of development.

We are united in our diversity. ZANU PF is a National Party we are a unitary state. We continue to foster unity amongst us. We are going into a phase of developing our country village by village making sure no one and no place will be left behind. Nyika Inovakwa igotongwa Nevene Vayo. Nyika ino ndeyedu tichaivaka tigoitonga zvakare.”

“We are building dams across all provinces. We are establishing rural industries in each province. Hwange 8 which will give is 300MW will be commissioned this November. Gwai Shangani conceptualized in 1912 is almost complete under the Second Republic.

Irrigation development will bring food security despite climate change. Our border posts are being modernised. Beitbridge border has been completed and has become the most modern border on the continent. Media space has been opened up. Access to education and health is now widespread.

Tose tirikuona zvirikuita neecond Republic. Every University has an innovation hub. Let is continue to build a prosperous Zimbabwe. The second Republic has seen a culture of innovation as a result of education.

The effects of this education are being seen in our rural areas. Zimbabwe for the first time has launched it’s satellite in the space. Internet penetration rates are increasing. Those with talent will be funded,” added Mr Mnangagwa.