60% Of Zimbabwean Women Are Sex Workers “To Make Ends Meet”. No-one Will Be Left Behind!” My foot!
23 November 2022
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By Patrick Guramatunhu- Zimbabwe’s economy has been in decline since the country’s independence in 1980, we have done nothing to stop the rot and the chickens have come home to roost!

Everyday there is one or more stories of the tragic human suffering, a consequence of the economic meltdown.

“Zimbabwe has recorded an increase in commercial sex workers, with Harare adjudged to be the biggest red-light district, a new survey by the National Aids Council (Nac), Health and Child Care ministry and the Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network has revealed,” reported Bulawayo 24.

“A recent survey by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) revealed that 59,6% of women in the country were unemployed and many of them were apparently turning to commercial sex work to make ends meet, according to the recent report.

“In the report titled Zimbabwe’s situational analysis of drug use and injection in five provinces to form HIV and TB programming for people who use drugs, Nac and partners noted that: “In Harare the most often mentioned source of income is sex work (36,07%); the higher rate in this province is linked to the mobilisation strategy, which include recruitment of respondents in an area where sex work takes place.””

All the gains the nation had made in uplifting the lives of woman through such initiatives as Girl Child Education, etc. are all being undone.

“No one will be left behind and no place will lag behind!” President Mnangagwa has often said. Well, these women HAVE been left behind! They have no future!

Indeed, the whole nation is being left behind because no nation can survive much less prosper when 59,6% of its mothers, sisters, aunties, etc.; the homemakers without which no home can stand!  

Zimbabwe is in serious economic, social and political trouble because of the economic meltdown. The country has been in economic decline since independence in 1980 and the rot has only got worse and, as long as the country remains a pariah state ruled by corrupt, incompetent and vote rigging thugs, there will be no meaningful economic recovery.

Forget the idiotic Zanu PF claim of the country is on course to become an upper middle-income nation by 2030, the so-called Vision 2030. It is just nonsense.

If we are serious about ending Zimbabwe’s economic and political nightmare then we must implement the democratic reforms and hold free and fair elections.

Nelson Chamisa and his CCC friends’ promise to end the Zanu PF rule by winning rigged elections, they claim to have winning in rigged elections (wire) strategies; is just another mirage by moonlight! Their flagship wire strategy of mass voter registration followed by mass voting is already dead in the water. As of 30 May 2022, four years since the launch of their strategy, the party has only registered ¼ million or 4% of their 6 million target.

It is too late to get any reforms implemented before the 2023 elections and there is little one can do to stop Zanu PF holding and rigging the 2023 elections. Chamisa and company know Zanu PF is rigging these elections and that participating with only give Zanu PF legitimacy.

Zanu PF needs the opposition to participate in these elections regardless how flawed and illegal the process got to avoid a repeat of the 2008 when SADC refused to grant the party legitimacy because of Zanu PF’s blatant cheating and wanton. And so to entice the opposition to participate in the 2023 elections, regardless of the rigging and violence, Zanu PF is giving away a few gravy train seats. Chamisa and company have found the bribe irresistible!

After the 2018 elections, President Mnangagwa created Political Actors (POLAD), a supernumerary body, for the sole purpose of thanking and rewarding the losing presidential candidates for participating in the 2018 elections who publicly proclaimed the election was free and fair. The 2023 elections will, no doubt, attract just as many presidential and parliamentary candidates.  the 22

So, it is too late to implement any reforms, we cannot stop Zanu PF holding and rigging 2023 elections nor can we stop Chamisa and the rest of the opposition camp participating in the flawed elections. What is plan B?

Plan B is to make sure that everyone, especially SADC leaders, are aware the whole election process is flawed and illegal. How the elections be free, fair and credible when the regime has failed to produce something as basic for elections as a verified voters’ roll. Everyone must know that CCC and the rest of the opposition are participating in these elections out of greed, pure and simple. Zanu PF is rigging these elections. CCC has lost political credibility. And so the election process must be dismissed as a sham and Zanu PF denied legitimacy.

Zimbabwe must be forced to form yet another GNU as happened in 2008. This time competent men and women must be appointed into the GNU to make sure the democratic reforms are implemented.

The increase in sex workers, the collapse of basic services such as education and health care, etc. these are all symptoms of the economic and political rot in Zimbabwe. Implementing the reforms and holding free and fair elections is the cure. Zimbabwe’s economic and political chaos has disrupted normal human life and caused untold human suffering and deaths; the cup is full to overflowing.

President Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies are holding the nation to ransom be resisting demands for reforms and free elections. They do not have the divine right to rule Zimbabwe. The mandate to govern must be given by the people of Zimbabwe in a free, fair and credible elections. We must implement the reforms and hold free election. We must take the medicine, now!