Kuda Mahachi Bares His Soul On Losing Everything Following Arrest For Child Abuse
28 November 2022
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Zimbabwe Warriors and Supersport United star Kuda Mahachi has opened up on how his world crumbled following his arrest on allegations of abusing his son Diego.

Mahachi was last week acquitted of attempted murder and child abuse but he shared an emotional message of his everything he took years to build collapsed in the seven months he was in and out of court before his acquittal last week.

“On Friday the 25th of November, after 7 months I was acquitted on 2 very serious criminal allegations of attempted murder and child abuse. During these 7 months I saw my whole world turn upside down. I was dismissed from my club with immediate effect and no income, I was vilified by a nation that I once was the football darling of and my fate was sealed through social media without trial. During these 7 months I lost everything I lived for. 7 months of being shunned even by those I played alongside, 7 months of death threats, 7 months of depression, the list can go on.

“My son, Diego was a victim of negligence at the hands of family me3mbers who were meant to look after him at my home in Bulawayo. Diego was diagnosed with Ulcer Sepsis Necrotic, (the so called flesh eating disease) which is very rare but serious infection.

“I am not just broken man, I am a pained man by what has happened to my son and how I was accused of attempting to kill him despite reports from medical experts. No one cared to give me a chance, no one cared to give me the benefit of doubt. I have played football for 15 years for my country and for topflight clubs, yet despite this, I was accused of using my 4-year-old son for rituals. How is it that I have played this game for 11 years before my son was born and suddenly now needed him for rituals for my career,” said Mahachi.