Mysterious Heatwave Prevent Newly Married Couple From Enjoying Conjugal Rights
1 December 2022
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By A Correspondent- A Hopley man and his wife claim they have been experiencing a mysterious “heatwave” whenever they try to have s_əx.

Garikai Chikati (30) and his wife, Sydia Muchembere (33) say they have not been enjoying their c0njugal rights since they got married five months ago.

They claim to experience mysterious irritations in their bodies whenever they attempt to make love.

Garikai claimed that his manhood becomes itchy and develops a hot sensation.

They now suspect juju was used on them.

“We are appealing for spiritual deliverance because what we have been experiencing for the past five months is so mysterious that we can no longer remain silent about our bedroom affair,” said Garikai.

“I married my wife five months ago and we are yet to have a child and I strongly suspect that I could have been bewitched.

Ini nemudzimai wangu tinonzwa kuvaviwa nekurumwarumwa muviri wese pese patinorara tigotanga kukwenya kwenya tisingawone chinotiruma kana kuvava.

“When we try to engage in s_əxual interc0urse, my manhood becomes hot that we stop before doing anything.

“Hazvitsanangurike mukoma.

“Dai tawana rubatsiro nekuti ndinofunga kuti ndakashinhirirwa.”

He added: “My mother died in 2020 and it took us a week to travel from Harare to Marapira Village in Gokwe for her burial as our vehicle developed mechanical problems.

“Takaita setakabatwa pfungwa tose zvekuti ini nababa nemukoma wangu takawana amai vavigwa vanasekuru vakatitsamwira kuti taive tisingade kuuya,” said Garikai.

However, Sydia told H-Metro that Garikai’s sanity seemed questionable when she first met him.