Zim Pastor Fired After Hiring Assassin To Kill Wife In Canada
24 January 2023
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | A Zimbabwean priest for the Anglican church, Rev Tapiwa Gusha whose audio messages plotting to get his wife killed, has been fired, ZimEye is told.

While an official church statement was awaited Rev Tapiwa Gusha is heard in the audios narrating to a Mozambique based assassin transcribed below.

Sekuru Zandamela how are you?

My name is Tapiwa, I got your number from Sekuru Mapungwana from Inyanga.

I have a problem. I have a wife I separated from over 6 months ago. I am now staying alone, we are both in different areas of the same Canadian town. After separating, we parted ways with 2 boys, 8 years, and another who is 6 years.

So she is angry with me to the point of making to see the kids again, so I was seeking someone who can help me so that these kids can return to me to live with them. So I was seeking someone who can make her heart become dark (sedate through poisoning), so she can release the kids over to me, or that the wife herself goes forever, she dies (from poisoning) so that I don’t get into problems.

So I was given your number and decided to ask you for help and hear what is quickest and easiest for you. And myself what am I supposed to pay you? This is my story Sekuru, I would be happy to hear from you; thank you very much.




It is well Sekuru, I am hearing you.
Let me now send you my pictures, and my totem. I will send you my children’s pictures.
I will then send you my wife’s pictures. After you’ve inspected them, you will then inform me what is needed. If you work out a way to make her get blown over (sedate through poisoning) to make her lose the kids, she returns the children to me; so that she doesn’t take them back. But I was thinking that she might still bounce back, it will continue as a continuous war between us, so I was asking that if there is a way to just make her lose her life at once, so that we know that the war has ended. This is what I was thinking, but you can review which is the best way be fixed once and for all. This is what I was asking.