Zanu PF Near To Winning 2023- Mavaza
26 January 2023
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BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA | With polling time right around the corner, we must take a look at the things achieved by each party this election year.
In an election year battered by the Covid-19 pandemic, the subsequent economic recession, and the fight against corruption brands are taking it upon themselves to use their influence to get the voting in July.
Past election statistics have shown that many Zimbabweans don‘t make use of their vote, particularly the younger generations. In the 2018 presidential elections, less than half of 18-29 year olds didn’t vote.
Joining forces from across the sectors, brands in the technology, retail and entertainment realms are hoping to encourage eligible voters to make their voices heard in the upcoming Zimbabwean elections.
Strategies vary from parties creating everything from voting merchandise, to campaigns encouraging the general public to go out and vote.
ln the coming elections People must be concerned about misleading campaign techniques from the opposition and bias in the opposition media. We must be very careful about the presentation, tone and content of election campaigns by the opposition. They demonise their country blaming ZANU PF for all the problems the country is facing.

As Zimbabweans we must monitor digital campaigning during the election period for risks to democratic processes from foreign interference and organised disinformation. The work to examine these aspects must be ongoing after the election.
CCC has made poverty and economic dip as their campaign topic. The misleading campaign techniques risk undermining voters trust.
Democracies rely on campaigners being able to communicate with voters. In return, voters need to be able to trust the information that campaigners are giving them.
The whole world is under economic depression the economic problems are being faced by every nation on earth. It is mischievous and total idiocy for CCC to use the economic meltdown as their campaign theme.
Zimbabwe is not suffering as a result of misrule or mismanagement as always said by the opposition. Promising you a Canaan is misleading. A promise to give you milk and honey if you vote opposition is a clear lie demonic and misleading. Do not be mislead by being promised heaven by the devil. Zimbabwe is set for greater days if it remains under MNANGAGWA.
You must always remember that with ZANU PF “You’ll Never Walk Alone’
Through trials and triumphs, ZANU PF has been there to mark these moments with the possibility of hope and the shared optimism of brighter days.
We must all be focused be brave we must wear a survival kit
to make the wait a little more comfortable ahead of the presidential elections.
The road to the State House is long, expensive, and exhausting. Becoming a candidate is only the beginning of the election process. Successful candidates must both persuade voters that they deserve their individual votes and garner the critical votes of electors. Those campaigning must not make people get confused. We must stand for the truth and protect our freedom which came flowing in the flood of blood of our children parents and brothers and sisters.
Persuading voters is the essence of a political campaign. Advertising, theme songs, stump speeches, and even negative campaigning have been around since our country began, enjoying freedom to vote brought by ZANU PF and each advance in technology since then has offered new opportunities for candidates to persuade voters.
Would the figures of
Colonialism and oppression sway a modern voter?
A review of the evidence leaves no doubt election campaigns do matter in a variety of important ways. The serious questions concern when, where, why, how, for what, and for whom they matter.
As we go towards the elections Some opposition campaigners will brand their social media pages in ways that meant it wasn’t clear who was responsible for them, or used misleading website links to encourage people to visit their sites. Some will use edited video clips to present their opponents negatively. This negativity goes beyond elections.
The country will be painted with disgusting negativity. It will suffer long after elections.

Lying to voters should not be tolerated we must make our campaigns truthful.
The opposition has no capacity to turn our economy round. Their campaign is a lie an you must not vote based on a lie. Be wise vote wisely. Vote ZANU PF.

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