NGO Rewards Hardworking Councillors In Masvingo
31 January 2023
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Accessible, Available, and Responsive councilors honored in Masvingo

Results from community scorecards showcased that councilors Sengerai Manyanga (ward 10), Admore Dhemba (ward 16), and Peter Imbayarwo (ward 19) were the best councilors in Masvingo Urban, Masvingo Rural, and Zaka Rural district councils, respectively, for the year 2022.

The community scorecards were administered by 158 COTRAD Action for Accountability Groups (AAGs) members drawn from 79 wards.

10 wards were targeted in Masvingo Urban District, while 34 wards were targeted in Zaka district and 35 in Masvingo Rural district.

The scorecards measured determinants and predictors of accessibility, availability, and responsiveness of ward councilors between January and December 2022. A monthly score was provided and an average was calculated during the 12th month.

For the purposes of the scorecard, accessibility was easy to be reached by the communities they represent and this included physical and online contact.

It referred to geographic accessibility, and was determined by how easily the community reached the councilor be it physically or various online. Availability was the extent to which the councilor participated in citizen engagement platforms such as feedback and consultation meetings in the respective wards.

Responsiveness referred to the approachability and receptiveness of councilors in ensuring that citizens are served helpfully and responsibly by local authorities. This was dependent on citizens’ experiences when receiving public services.

Findings indicate a need for elected officials to be accessible, available, and responsive. The three councilors were best in their respective wards, but however, the scores were very low.

The three were presented with certificates.- COTRAD Information