Mr Mnangagwa Zim Is Not Your Private Property !
2 February 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri| The Zanu PF leader Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa has sold the country to his friends in exchange for political survival.

This was said by CCC youth taskforce spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma.

Chuma, who has been sparring with the Zanu PF leader over the past two months, took a swipe at the ageing Mr Mnangagwa, accusing him of mortgaging the country.

“ED Mnangagwa is busy mortgaging our country for his personal gain.

Belarus is one of the most poorest countries in Eastern Europe.

(Alexander) Lukashenko’s visit has no rewards for ordinary citizens except Mnangagwa who is getting guns and chemical weapons to supress citizens. #EDMustFall,” Chuma said in a statement on Twitter.